Safety and rules

We're all about fun at the Fietscafe. But we take your safety very seriously.

Some of our activities include alcohol and, whilst the vast majority of participants are very well behaved, we have an obligation to the local residents that we do not offend or endanger people or property. So, we ask you to respect the following rules:

  • Please don't get off board when the bike is in motion
  • Do not hand out beverages to people that do not belong to your party
  • Any drunk, violent, rude or unsuitable behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Respect must be shown at all times to the local community
  • Damaging of property or possessions will be liable for prosecution
  • Designated toilets must be used at all times

Please note that non-abidance of these rules could result in your group being evicted (without refund), criminally charged, and/or fined for damages. This will have a huge impact on your celebration, so please don't put yourself in this situation.

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