Company party/company outing

The beerbike is also very suitable for company parties. A fun and relaxed way of team building, for example. This way you can experience an original outing with your colleagues, which will be talked about for a long time in the workplace.

It is also possible to rent several bikes at the same time. It is possible to draw up your own routes, but we can also advise you on this.

Would you like to know more about using one or more beerbikes for a company event? Get in touch with us.

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Bachelor party

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Having a stag or hen party? The beerbike is ideal for this! The bachelor is in the spotlight at the cycling pub. The beerbike is most probably the most used attraction for bachelor parties. That's not surprising, considering you can sit outside while in a pub, do excercising and have a beer! Plan your own routes, listen to your own music and enjoy  !


Our bikes increase the fun with carnival! Bring your beer, bring your own (carnival) music, plan your own route, it's all possible with Het Fietscafe.

The beerbike makes carnival even more festive than it already is. The Fietscafe is the party bike par excellence!

Book in time if you want to celebrate an even more festive carnival!

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Block party

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Party nearby? Rent a Fietscafe! Have fun with your neighbours in a festive way along a route you have mapped out yourself. Bring beer and soft drinks and of course your own selected music. This way every neighbourhood party is a guaranteed success!

Is there already a date known for the neighborhood party? Don't wait any longer and book now!

Family celebration

A family party in the offing? Rent a beerbike! An original way to celebrate a party with your family. Beer and soft drinks, cozy music and you will experience an unforgettable family day together!

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Introduction days

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

The introduction days in the new school year are very popular for renting a Fietscafe.

Experience an unforgettable day with your fellow students! Then you are at the right place at the beerbike. Beer and soft drinks at hand, music with you, own routes anywhere in the Netherlands, these are all pluses of Het Fietscafe.

Cycling in the pub! What else is needed to organize a fun party? Decide quickly whether our bicycle cafes can increase the joy of your introduction days and book directly if desired!


The beerbike is also very suitable for use at events!
For example, to bring visitors from location A to B. Or as a playful addition to bridge a number of hours. There are many options!

Visitors will be amazed at Het Fietscafe. An attractive attraction puts your visitors in the right mood.

bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Het Fietscafe® drives everywhere!

Do you want to rent a beerbike?