How much does it cost to rent a beerbike

This depends on a couple of elements, like the number of bikes you'ld like to rent, what model, for what period, does the bike need to be transported and if so, where to? How many and what kind of beer/drinks do you like to order?

To have a good quote, please fill in the booking wizzard and the price will show up in the right bottom side of your screen. If you don't like the price, don't send your booking.

Can we use this bike on the public road

Our point of origin is: If you and your friends act normally, no one will bother. Always keep that  in mind and the police tolerates the beer bike. However, don't be surprised if they don't if you ignore these rules:

1. While moving the bike, don't step off or change seats
2. Don't use the public place as a toilet
3. We don't provide more than 1 barrel of beer per bike per day. If you think that's not enough, please visit a pub.
4. We don't provide alcohol to minors and you don't give away alcohol to minors
5. Liquors are not allowed on our bikes.
6. Don't use glass on the bikes. We provide plastic beer glasses
7. If you are drunk or half drunk before the tour starts, you're not going with us
8. Don't throw beer. If you don't like beer, ask for a soda :-)
9. Don't yell at people for no reason
10. Only use the seats, except for the bartender. Don't use the roof, we didn't put seats there.

What roads does the bike have to use

Primarily the cycle paths, but when the bike doesn't fit there, the normal road may be used.

What are the dimensions of the Fietscafe

12-persons Fietscafe: lxwxh =4mx2,1mx2,55m
17-persons Fietscafe: lxwxh = 5,4mx2,1mx2,65m

Do we stay dry if it's raining

Yes, the big roof protects you from the rain as long as there's no stormy weather.

Can I get an option

Unfortunately we don't provide options. However, after booking, you legally have 7 days to cancel the booking by email. And also, if the rental date is more than a month away, the cancellation costs will be zero.

What beer brand do you serve

We sell the brand Horecabier (www.horecabier.nl). If you prefer a different brand, please email us and we'll try to get that for you.

Can I bring my own food or beverages

Yes, no problem. With the exception of liquors and beer barrels.
Glass is forbidden too.

Do you provide beer glasses

Yes, if you've ordered beer or drinks, plastic beer glasses will be provided

Why the Fietscafe®?

  • you choose your own driver
  • full insurance
  • worlds most rented beerbike
  • full options beerbike
  • most reliable beerbike
  • we deliver anywhere
bierfiets het fietscafé beerbike

Het Fietscafe® drives everywhere!

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